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<center>Louisa Graves</center>

Louisa Graves


My Mission …

For more than 10 years I’ve been counseling individuals with beauty and skincare problems. This website is a resource for all to use and enjoy.

My “Skin Care By Louisa” website was designed to provide skin care tips and information, anti-aging procedures, and affordable beauty tips and solutions to help both men and women.

All information and materials contained in this website are void of endorsements. They are provided to the reader to use as reference points to help them make an educated decision about their own situation. The material is user friendly, easy to read, and most comes with independent video. (See Disclaimer)

Please view my entire biography on the “About Me” page!


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Cynthia Chebultz

Cynthia Chebultz

SEO, Web Design & Digital Marketing Specialist

Founder and CEO of CL Studio, Plum Social, and Social Cowgirl, Cynthia brings 22 years of web design, development, management and marketing experience to her role as a Digital Marketing Strategist. She is an accomplished Social Media Analyst, SEO Strategist, Web Content Specialist, and popular national speaker on internet marketing and she has extensive project and team management experience. She helps organizations develop internet campaigns and strategies from the ground up, including planning and managing all facets of a web strategy. She has managed online marketing campaigns and developed web content strategies to increase search rankings, social media branding, web traffic and sales for over 50 clients. In driving clients to achieve more organic search engine traffic she has a comprehensive approach which includes all facets of internal marketing including keyword research, keyword-rich content and meta information, link building and keyword strategies and process results in compiled weekly progress reports showing clients consistent progress towards their goals.

<center>Ed Menster</center>

Ed Menster


With over 30 years of marketing and advertising experience, Ed has stepped into the roll of Editor-in-Chief of Skin Care By Louisa. His background is heavily weighted toward team building as well as the design and implementation of marketing materlals and programs. His specific responsibility for the website is to develop strategic relationships with both online and offline entities. A 1978 graduate of the University of Florida with a BS in Journalism, he currently resides in the Richmond, VA area.

Dennis Bell

Dennis Bell

Retail Marketing and Advertising Specialist