What are the capillaries?

Veins, arteries, and capillaries comprise the transportation system for blood flow. If the arteries are the main freeway system for transporting the blood through the body, and the veins are the main highways, how would you classify the capillaries?

They would be considered the myriad of side roads which acts as connectors for the veins and arteries. Similar to side roads capillaries are thin and a one-way street and whose main function is the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide inside the cellular wall.

While your arteries and veins run parallel to each other, do you know function the capillaries have?

They’re embedded in the tissue and act as a connective force for the arteries and veins. They’re job is to receive the oxygenated blood from an artery and perform an exchange of gases within the tissue. Following this actions, the capillaries then transport the waste filled blood to the heart through the veins.

Capillaries and other vessels

Capillaries and other vessels

What part to capillaries play in skin care?

A capillary near the surface of the skin will open up to release heat to cool the body, this happens through a process called sweat.  Capillaries also duplicate the routine when your cold through a process called hyperemia!

Because capillaries are small blood vessels they have a tendency to rupture or break more than veins or arteries. Thus, a broken capillary under the skin while not a pretty sight is not a health hazard also. The skin care industry has several treatments available to address the appearance of red or small spider veins.

This article addressed the capillaries and their various responsibilities as they relate to blood vessels. They too, like the artery and vein, play an important part in keeping the three layers of the skin healthy, the epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat level.

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