“Hi Louisa:  I love your products  I’ve compared your products to so many products out there that are so-called considered “top notch” and yours outbeats all of them!! Thank you for doing the research. We appreciate all you do for women like us.”  Nancy orders Ultimate Eye Creme, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, De-Aging Solution (for winter), Deep Penetrating LED Peptide Serum, DPL II Red Light Therapy, Skinlasting and Ionic Mineral Scrub.

Nancy C., NY (Nancy has ordered  20 times!)

“Thank you for being you! I am madly in love with every product I have purchased. Talk about instant gratification….absolutely AMAZING products.”” I recently received your new Advanced Retinol Serum. Wow what s a luxurious product!!! Absolutely amazing!! I knew it would be second to none. Looking forward to trying the new Vitamin C (20%) Serum (with Stem Cells and Hyaluronic Acid). I know it’s going to be great. You are so truly appreciated, Lady! Peace, love, joy! Dorisanne also orders our Stem Cell Serum, Night Perfect, Ultimate Ageproofing Comple and Emu oil

Dorisanne H., FL (Dorisanne has ordered 15 times!)

“I’ve been going to the top dermatologists in LA and I’ve tried many top products from Creme de Mer and other $350 creams. I don’t know how I came upon Hollywood Beauty Secrets, but thank God I did!! Louisa vets the best products for the most reasonable prices. I’ve been in heaven with all of Louisa’s choices. I can’t say more about the Skin-Lasting Super Hydrator for my body and the superior products for my face that I’m addicted to: Stem Cell Serum, Beyond CP, Skin Uplift Serum and Night Perfect. Btw, everywhere I go people ask me what I use on my skin, even the (top Los Angeles) dermatologists!! Thanks for all the great advice and person care Louisa!!! Suraya orders our Skin Uplift Serum, Night PerfectStem Cell SerumBeyond CP and Skinlasting Super Hydrator (for body)

Suraya E., CA (Suraya has ordered over 100 times!)

“Louisa, I’ve been using the Skin Uplift Serum lately under everything and, Oh, My, my face and neck are improving quite nicely… I’m blessed to have found you and your incredible products. It’s so nice to work with you and know that you are available for help, if needed. All the best.”

Jan W., TX (Jan has as ordered over 48 times!)

“Hi Louisa: I LOVE your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex with EGF! I saw a noticeable improvement in skin density, firmness and uplift in less than a month that I’ve used it. It’s amazing stuff!!…  I LOOOOVE the LED Red light machine and use it very often and I just purchased a week or so ago your Deep Penetrating LED Peptide Serum and your Skin Uplift Serum and love both of them. The Deep Penetrating LED Peptide Serum is giving a boost to the treatment already and I’m so pleased with that. The Skin Uplift Serum is wonderful as well! I just ordered the Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex. I’ll send you a testimonial as soon as I can. Thanks again Louisa for all the wonderful service you provide to so many women.

Juliette D., CA (Juliette D. has ordered over 40 times!)

Hi Louisa: I LOVE your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex with EGF! I saw a noticeable improvement in skin density, firmness and uplift in less than a month that I’ve used it. It’s amazing stuff!!   BTW,  I let my daughter-in-law try my products and now she uses them!! Thanks again Louisa for all the wonderful service you provide to so many women.” Juliette also orders  Soothing Toner, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Skin Uplift Serum, Deep- Penetrating LED Peptide Serum , DPLII Red Light Therapy system

Juliette D., CA (2nd post)

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Louisa for years.  About the Eye Perfect… I was surprised how well it helped with bags under my eyes. So today I ordered two of them. Thanks for all the good information and affordable products. I also love that I can email you and you call me to answer my questions about product choices AND take my order over the phone. Such great personalized customer service. Thank you Louisa”

Jackie H., TX (Jackie H. has ordered over 25 times!)

“Hi Louisa, I am absolutely loving the Stem Cell Serum and I have literally seen the ‘age pitting’ in my chin/lower lip area disappear!” As a physician and avid… It’s clear that Louisa’s range of expertise is equal with that of many well respected and knowledgeable practitioners in dermatologic skin care. Dr.  Diana T., CA. Diana orders Soothing Toner, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Eye Perfect, Stem Cell Serum

Dr. Diana T., CA (Diana has order more than 30 times!)

“I have used your Red Light Therapy (DPLII) and the products for two years. Best yet! Very improved skin. Judy orders Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex,  Exfoliating Enzyme Powder, Night Perfect, Eye Perfect, Emu Oil and Micro Skin Roller.

Judy C., MI (Judy has ordered over 12 times!)

“Dear Louisa: I have been using your eye perfect cream for a few years now.  Wow. It’s amazing! These products actually do what they claim too! I highly recommend all your products and it’s wonderful to see advertising that is truthful.”  I wanted to share another use for Eye Perfect. I started putting it on the age spots on my bald head and it made the aging spots almost disappear.  My wife also uses the Eye Perfect, the Ultimate Age Proofing complex and the Uplift Serum. The products have made my wife’s skin look like she is 40 — and she’s over 60!!

Donald M. CA

“Love the products I bought. I can see some changes in the loose skin on my neck already! This product (Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex)  is amazing! It’s the best anti-aging moisturizer I have EVER tried – irons out wrinkles instantly with hydration. Great price too! So happy I discovered your site.” Michelle uses Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Skin Uplift Serum, Eye Perfect and Beyond Clean Cleanser.

Michelle C., AK

“Thank you Louisa…I’m trying all your products. They are the best out there!” Janet orders our Soothing Toner, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Eye Perfect, Skin Uplift Serum 

Janet G., NY  (Janet has orderd over 20 times!)

“First, I love all your products, and have purchased 2 of the DPLII Red Light Systems and a Body Vibration Plate. Your face and eye creams, and serums are the very best I have ever tried. So thank you very much! I’m also writing to you becasue a few weeks ago you sent out a newsletter with an article about idodine nasal spray for COIVD protection. I wondered if you could resend it to me. Thank you.

Cynthia T.

“Love all your products, Louisa! Excellent quality and price. Thank you.” Janet orders Beyond Clean Cleanser, Soothing Toner, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Stem Cell Serum

Janet G.R., CA. (Janet has ordered 23 times!)

“Louisa, I would love for you to use this testimonial and I could go on & on on how refreshing it is to order from someone who is so extremely trustworthy and genuine with all on their website and newsletters. You’re an angel!! Also I am nearly empty on this item (Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex) so if you can send it out ASAP, that would be great! Thanks again for being you!!

Jayne S., IL

“Second time purchasing this product (Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex)! Nothing compares, thanks for keeping this item in stock!!!”

Jennifer S., MA

“I have been real pleased with the new Skin Uplift Serum and the De-Aging Solution.
First, the Skin Uplift Serum: Besides the skin tightening I have noticed, I am just thrilled with the way it has made my skin feel. It makes my skin feel so hydrated and looks just radiant! I have really noticed a difference since I have been using it. I feel that this is a really great product and I would not want to be without it!
And second, the De-Aging Solution is MY favorite moisturizer of all!” Thanks!

Pat D., CA

“I have been using your red light therapy system at least 5 mornings a week, before I get out of bed. I find it so relaxing to lay there with my light therapy. I will be 60 years old in 7 weeks and thanks to your red light system, I do not have a line on my face and I am often mistaken for 40 years old! I first tried one of those hand held small units before buying yours – but it was too time-consuming and not very relaxing. I cannot imagine living without your larger, faster DPL II red light therapy device. Thank you so much for your wonderful, luxurious products, great personal service and informative newsletters.”

Mona L., CO

“I love Louisa because she really does her home work on new skin care ingredients and products. In fact years ago, she introduced me to peptides and LED Light therapy — long before doctors offered them. And when she introduced me to the Ultimate Age Proofing Complex Cream; it was instant love for me! I don’t like heavy creams on my face and this one is thin and light, yet does the job of three creams! It goes deep to rejuvenate, hydrate, and nourish my skin with EGF, peptides and antioxidants. As a make-up artist in Hollywood, I work with 100’s of stars and celebrities in film and on TV, and I am now recommending Red Light Therapy and Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex to them so they will look even younger on and off camera! You can wear it day and night — and I do!!! Amazing! Thanks, Louisa!”

Sandra Marshall, Emmy-Award winning Make-up Artist, Hollywood, CA (Sandra has ordered more than 20 times!)

“Thank you Louisa so much for your IMMEDIATE response and care taken to solve an issue. I love my DPL II Red Light system. It really works! You have THE best customer service. behind great products.

Julia, S.

“I love your products!” Janice orders De-Aging Solution, Night Perfect, and Stem Cell Serum

Janice S., FL (Janice has ordered over 18 times!) 

Testimonials 1

“Dear Louisa: Just a quick email to express my appreciation to you for making available such excellent skin care products at such reasonable prices! I am loving the Night Perfect Serum, the Eye Perfect cream, and the De-Aging Solution Moisturizer! I have never experienced products like the Eye Perfect and De-Aging Solution that sink into the skin with just a pinkie finger application! No second or third applications of the product is necessary! May G-d bless you for all the skin care benefits you have conveyed to my life.”

Michal G., NY

“Using your Red Light therapy system and a few of your other products has done wonders lifting and smoothing my face AND neck. Yes – my neck too!! Louisa I have tried so many costly laser procedures and have spent a fortune on expensive skin care products – that cannot come close to what yours do. Using my simple routine and your products (below) – I have seen incredible results – in just months. I following this routine religiously because it REALLY WORKS!
– I use the DPL II Red light system every day on freshly washed skin. Some days I use it 8 minutes, some days more, depending on my schedule. Every day is key!
– Then, I use the Facial Flex Ultra every other day. Like you suggest Louisa, I do 120 reps which takes only a couple minutes!!
– At night I apply your incredible Skin Uplift Serum and massage a little Emu Oil top. Adding emu oil to my routine made my skin thicker!
– In the morning I apply your De-Aging Solution (an incredible EGF cream) with sun screen on top.
– Three times a weeks I exfoliate my skin with baking soda. And that’s it. Thanks again so much Louisa for your decent prices on the DPL II and your powerful skin care products. I look so much younger!”

S., CA

“Dear Louisa: I just turned 61 and I get compliments every day about how beautiful and wrinkle free my skin is.  I use the Eye Perfect, and the Ultimate Age-proofing Complex in the morning. And at night I alternate the Skin Uplift Serum and Beyond CP to help keep my acne-prone skin in check. I also use your amazing Beyond Clean facial cleanser with salicylic acid and zinc.  I highly recommend all these products and will always use them.  I tried some really high end and expensive products and the results didn’t even come close to these. Your products are affordable and thanks again for the great formulations.”

Margo M., CA

 “I have been following Louisa’s advice for 14 years, and I look younger and better than when I started. I just lost 15 lbs after ordering a supplement she recommended. I love the De-Aging Solution cream and she has the best prices I have EVER found, and she stands behind all of her products. I will never use anyone else’s products again.”

Rita R.

Testimonials 1

As a regular user of several Hollywood Beauty Secrets products as well as the red light therapy system, this (Red Light Therapy system) is yet another product that is now an indispensable part of my skin care routine. In addition, I use the Uplift Serum daily with amazing results. There is a lot of air travel as part of my business which is very harsh for the skin. With the use of my Uplift Serum, my red light system and other Hollywood Beauty Secrets products, air travel no longer causes me to have challenges in caring for my skin. My skin is healthier and looks better than when I was in my 20’s. I am always getting compliments on my glowing and healthy looking skin. I am careful with my diet and exercise regularly, but I do give a great deal of credit for the condition of my skin to the Hollywood Beauty Secrets products. In summary, the products are exceptional, effective, and fairly priced. Thank you, Louisa.”

Peggy Z., TX (Peggy Z. has ordered over 12 times!)

Below is a Red Light update testimonial from Peggy Z.

“I did not think it was possible to like this new red light therapy unit more than the older model, but it has happened. I do believe the treatment is more effective and certainly much more convenient. I can easily handle without worry about damaging the connector cord. I can pack for travel with my new unit and never have to leave it behind. My new unit has been to several states and several European as well as Asian countries–it is designed for travel and is keeping up with me. I have also been using and your products for over a year. My skin has been transformed, and I always appreciate the compliments from friends and associates about my glowing and healthy skin. I will always treasure the day I found you and your company.”

Peggy Z., TX

“Hi Louisa! Just wanted to let you know that I received the LED on Friday – I couldn’t believe that I received it in 3 days!! OMGOSH! I cannot believe that I can actually see/feel a difference in just 4 treatments!! I have really good skin to begin with (former makeup artist) and skincare has always been a passion of mine, but since I’m closing in on 50 in a couple of years, I want to maintain and protect what I have. My husband purchased a handheld called LightStim for me as a birthday gift so I’ve been using it since the first week of December. While I did notice some refining, I mainly wanted it for collagen production to keep my skin full and firm. Your 2-panel LED device has completely blown LightStim away!

My question is why does your LED device work better than LightStim? Is it the longer time spent in front of it or because there are more infrareds than reds? P.S. We used one of the panels on my husband’s back on Saturday and he was amazed at the improvement he experienced – fishing on a boat all day doesn’t leave the back feeling too great : ) Thanks so much again! I am blogging about your LED unit and your special offer all over the place!”

Jennifer J.

Testimonials 1

“Good morning Louisa, It was great speaking with you …your personalized service is awesome. I have used your DPL Led Red Light Therapy for two years and am amazed by the improved texture, fading of age spots and smoothing of fine lines I’ve experienced over the past two years. Because this is an easy to use, non-invasive skin treatment, I have never had need for cosmetic surgery. I also use your Deep Penetrated LED Serum and after my treatment, I apply Emu Oil over the LED serum. I am a 61 year old RN. I took this picture this morning with my iphone.”

S.F., FL

“As an aesthetician I use Louisa’s red light therapy system on my clients after each microdermabrasion treatment. It relaxes the clients, as well as calms any redness AND speeds their skin rejuvenation process. I can’t tell you how happy they look and feel after they get the red light treatment. This got me to thinking…. why not offer a series of red light treatments? I decided to charge $50 for 10 treatments. The ‘beauty’ of this offer is that my clients are happy to keep coming in and this allows me to stay personally in touch with them. I keep one system in my lobby so clients can help themselves and I use one in my treatment room. Best of all…. the treatment packages are so popular, I’ve already paid for my lights. I need to order another one! Thank you so much for this amazing anti-aging system.”

Patricia S., FL


“Oh my goodness, I’ve been using the Red Light for only seven days and I LOVE it. My skin already looks more radiant, tighter and spots are fading away. And when I put my makeup on, it looks so much better. Even my husband said, “I don’t know what you’re doing – but your skin looks great!.” My daughter was away the past week. When she came home, she ALSO mentioned my beautiful complexion. I also love your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex. Now I am going to order the vibration plate and more of your products. I trust you. I look so much better and I am so happy that I found you. Thank you Louisa!”


“I love this LED light! The clarity of my skin has improved tremendously. My make-up glides on more smoothly, but I have also never felt this confident whenever I choose to go without foundation. My skin is just firmer and brighter. This really is anti-aging! And at 49, with seven children, this is a blessing! The first time I spoke with Louisa on the phone, I knew I could trust her. She is a deeply good person, who glows on the inside and on the outside. Thank-you Louisa!!”

M. Bell, WA

“I used to spend over $600 for La Prairie Cellular cream. It was a ridiculous price but I figured it must good. But compared to your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex cream and Night Perfect serum, La Prairie does not even come close to the younger-looking skin I have achieved – in mere weeks! I use both of these products together! In the morning and at night- first I put a little drop of Night Perfect on my face, neck and under my eyes and gently massage it into my skin. After that, I apply Ultimate Age-Proofing on top. And for the morning – I use your SPF 15 sun screen (Evenly Radiant Day Crème) on top. This is THE winning combination – especially for winter and dry heat. No more chapped skin! I get so many compliments. Every day someone stops me to ask what I use on my skin. I feel like a new woman. Thanks so much for saving me a fortune and doing the research to find us these potent miracle anti-aging skin care products – that all women can afford. Thanks for taking care of us ladies, Louisa. I have told tons of my friends about HollywoodBeautySecrets.com and we all order your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex and Night Perfect. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you!!”

Patsy B., FL  (Patsy has ordered over 20 times!)

“I have tried everything from DIY to some of the most expensive skincare products. Nothing has ever given immediate results like the Night Perfect Serum. Literally overnight improvement. I also love my red light therapy system! Plus, speaking with you Louisa is like talking to a friend. I so appreciate how knowledgeable and personable you are. Thank you again!”

F.C., Indiana

“Hello Louisa: I love all your info and newsletters, etc. The red light has been so helpful to me with my healing (whip lash, fibro and skin).”

Joanne K.

Testimonials 1

“Following up on my use of the Red light therapy system, I would very much recommend this system to others. I did see a difference in my skin within the first few weeks of use, that my skin started to increase in firmness. I also intermittently use it for neck pain or sciatic pain with very good results. A lot of my friends go to the chiropractor when their back starts to hurt. However, for me I get very good results with using the light therapy and doing some mild stretching afterwards. Thank-you for providing such great quality products at such good prices.”

Rebecca K.

“I am a practicing esthetician and was so excited when I found Louisa and her Red Light therapy. It has been part of my facials since I started in 2008.  At that time, the light I was using  was very small and only had a 3” diameter head on it. It took up too much time! But with Louisa’s 2 large LED light panels I can cover the whole face for 10 minutes and get the most amazing results.  I also use her Skin Uplift Serum. My clients are so happy after every facial.

Mary S., FL

“Louisa, you’ve done wonders for my confidence and my skin! After a very stressful year, I contacted you for a free consultation. That day changed my life! I started using your red light therapy unit every evening for about two months. And the skin care regimen you suggested was not only easy, the products were powerful and very affordable. I applied the De-Aging Solution on my face every morning with the SPF 15 sun screen (Evenly Radiant Day Crème) over top. I also exfoliated my skin twice a week using the baking soda you recommended and then at night applied the Uplift Serum. The Eye Perfect helped reduce my puffy eyes and used the natural Emu Oil Lip Balm on my lips at night and also under my lipstick in the day. On a recent visit to my doctor’s office, he immediately noticed at how much younger and better my skin looked. He said my skin tone and color had improved and I looked 10 years younger than the last time he saw me. When I visited my mother recently, she commented on how I had turned back the clock on my skin. I feel like a new me! I owe this to you and your expertise. Thanks for helping all us gals!”


“Louisa you need to see what this red light has done for my skin!! Though I had my eye lids lifted three years ago, I have to contribute my smooth, wrinkle-free skin to your Red Light Therapy system! As you can see — I have NO lines on my forehead, or wrinkles around my eyes or mouth. And the lights also helped my neck to look firmer. My Mom now has a red light, my friend in Oregon bought one from you, and my associate bought one too. In fact, her husband used it to treat carpal tunnel and he is now free of pain!! It not only maintains my younger-looking skin, it also allows me a short time to relax and meditate. I would tell anyone who uses Louisa’s red light therapy system– you owe this daily commitment to yourself. You will not only look younger, you’ll feel much better too. Louisa, please share my photos so others know the power of this light.”

Lori K., CA

“I just wanted to send you a quick note, and tell you how much I love my LED unit. I finished the suggested 10 week program, and loved the results so much that I continue to do a treatment everyday now. I love how plump and glowing my skin is after the treatment. My face looks radiant like it has a sunny, healthy glow.I will continue to use it everyday, it is now a part of my daily routine. I have ordered a second unit for my sister because of my results and was pleased that your discount price is still the lowest on the web.” Best Wishes,

Pamela W., AZ

“Dear Louisa, I had experienced increasing foot pain, and aching legs as well as increased varicose veins and broken capillaries over the past 18 month. I had the veins treated by a vascular surgeon several months ago with some of the veins going away, and others appearing to replace them. I experienced a lot of pain and cramping for 8 weeks after treatment which I assume was due to reduced circulation from having the veins treated.Then I heard about red light therapy for bruising, swelling, inflammation and circulatory problems. I am a diabetic and was concerned for the safety of my feet and toes. I began a search for evidence based, peer-reviewed, scholarly research on the impact of LED/ Red Light therapy on diabetic small vessel circulation and wound healing.

I read many articles before purchasing the device. Based upon the scientific evidence I read, I initially purchased the red light system to address my diabetic foot issues, and I can happily report it did just that. Initially there was a little discomfort as the circulation opened up again…sort of a creepy-crawly feeling in my legs which stopped after the first few treatments. I even had a few more spider veins appear initially, but I could feel the blood flowing to my feet again, so I did the therapy once a day starting on my feet until they felt normal. In my case that took about a week, but my feet were not that bad compared to many diabetics. I gradually moved up the legs. Over the course of a month, the pain and cramping I had been experiencing with walking, running and sitting went away. Not only that, many of my varicose veins and broken capillaries in my legs have either diminished or disappeared completely. I was very excited, so I did what Louisa’s video instructed and used the light on my face… for 8 minutes a day. Within a few weeks I saw great improvements. In fact, friends I had not seen in two months, asked “What are you doing?”

I was so pleased with the results, I have purchased several red light systems from HollywoodBeautySecrets to give to friends and family. My personal experience is that the results are remarkable. This is a real service that you should tell everyone about. Obviously, I can’t promise you will have the same experience, but I would do it again in a heartbeat. I also searched for the best device in terms of sturdiness, power, warranty, and price and I personally feel the price at HollywoodBeautySecrets.com is also THE best out there!…”


Testimonials 1

“Hi Louisa ~ Thank you for the fast replies. Love my vibration plate and LED red light. Best investment ever!”

Elizabeth A., TX

“I have NEVER found a skin care that makes such a visible difference to my very sensitive skin. And without any negative reactions!!! People ask me if I’ve changed my makeup or had botox. So it’s clearly an obvious difference to them too. Thank you thank you thank you! See my order for two more jars of Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex and one of the Night Perfect. You should get as much recognition as possible for such outstanding products at affordable prices, and I will be a customer for life!”

Nikki H.

“Thank G-d!! I am so grateful and so thrilled with the improvement I’ve seen in my skin since beginning to use the red light treatment in February 2015. Miraculous is not too strong a word to use. It’s been a little over three months now, and my skin looks decades younger. I’m someone who has always taken skin care very seriously since my late teens.

Before I started with the red light treatment in February I consistently passed for being in my mid 40’s even though I am pushing sixty. And, truth be told, I still wanted to look younger. The fine lines appearing around my eyes, and the small starting-to-be-visible “marionette” lines around my mouth concerned me. I was also bummed out that under eye bags (a genetic predisposition) were appearing and I was looking more like my father’s side of the family regardless of how healthily I ate, how much I exercised, how much I slept, and what eye cream I used.

I did a lot of web research and decided to give the red light treatment offered on Louisa’s website a try before escalating to more invasive and expensive options (cosmetic surgery). I am so grateful I did!!! At a health food store a few weeks ago I was having a conversation with another woman who was blown away when I told her I was going to turn 59 mid May 2015. The Cashier at the register, who had overheard the conversation, butted in and said she didn’t believe me, no way. No way I could be more than 33 years old tops she said shaking her head with her arms crossed. She then asked to see my drivers license convinced she had caught me lying. The expression of astonishment on her face when she saw my date of birth on my drivers license was priceless!! She kept looking at me and looking at my license and repeating “I can’t believe it”.

I am so very grateful to be looking so much younger and better now!! Thank G-d the small lines that were forming around my eyes are not visible even in a 10x magnifying mirror, ditto for the “marionette lines” around my mouth, and the under eye bags have tightened up so much that I have to literally twist my head to see if there still there that’s how diminished they’ve become. Another big plus is that the contours of my entire face have tightened and lifted. Thank you Louisa for making the red light treatment–which doesn’t require needles or scalpels– available at a reasonable, affordable price!! ”

Michal G. (second testimonial for Michal)

“…I am looking forward to receiving my products once again. They have made such a difference on my face, which makes a huge difference in how I feel! Thank you for all that you do.” Joan E., CA

“I would like to share how happy I am with Louisa’s products.  I am using the red light therapy and love the results…be consistent and it will work for you.  Also, I use the Skin Uplift Serum, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex (as my day cream), Eye Perfect and even the sunscreen (Evenly Radiant Day Crème).  I love all the products I have used.  I always get compliments about how good I look.  I can’t live without these products… I love the natural and safe ingredients…so very important to me.  Thanks Louisa for providing such wonderful products.”

Carrie F.

“As a former model & personal trainer I am a huge student of anti-aging products, nutrition (clean eating), & natural remedies. Words can not begin to express my gratitude & appreciation for the quality & value that your products & advice have blessed me with. I use to spend a fortune on name brand products including Obagi, Skinceuticals, & Skin Medica until I discovered Louisa’s book/products and website www.hollywoodbeautysecrets.com. I began implementing her natural remedies/anti-aging beauty products.  I had been breaking out all over my face from hormonal changes & new birth control pills so Louisa suggested that I drink 2 tbsp of apple cider w/ water along with odorless garlic pills & in just 1 day my acne begin dissipating. I was so relieved! Her antiaging products  Night Perfect Serum w/ emu oil overtop” made my skin look younger & softer within just a couple days of use. .. The Ultimate Eye Cream is phenomenal! This cream truly does what it says….it moisturizes like no other eye cream I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many that are very expensive). The fragile skin around my eyes is thicker, smoother and my dark circles are finally leaving. I look like I’ve been refreshed! Of all the many wonderful attributes Louisa’s products offer, what I like best is the integrity of the ingredients & affordability AND these products offer THE MOST QUANTITY of the effective ingredients from peptides & hyaluronic acid to EGF’s. They are at the very top of her products ingredient list so we get powerful products that give us fast results. Most professional antiaging products put them at the bottom or middle at best on the labels. Over the years I’ve learned that beauty products are similar to food labels….ingredients are typically listed in the order of greatest to least in product content. So many people get deceived because a product will say it has peptides & vitamin C…little do they know it is less than .000001% of the entire product content and then wonder why it didn’t work. I am 36 years old & most people think I in my mid-20’s. Thank you so much Louisa for the integrity & affordability you make possible! You are truly a blessing.”

Rebecca R., TX  Rebecca has ordered over 15 times!

(See three more testimonials from Rebecca below)

“Hi Louisa: I just wanted to say thank you! I’ve been using the LED a little over 2 weeks for 17 minutes each day and it is working!!—It’s AWESOME –I’m already noticing a difference — even my husband noticed. I don’t have to use my hydroquinione because the LED is fading the spots and my skin is plumping up . So I just wanted to say thank you – it’s just awesome! – and that’s it.”
Rebecca R., TX

“I love the De-Aging Solution (EGF Cream)….it makes my skin feel like silk & is saving me ton’s of money. Thank you Louisa!’

Rebecca R., TX

“I never want to be without my Skin Uplift Serum  – I am on it for life!! I really love how silky smooth is goes on and how just a little but goes a long way. My skin feels light and fresh and lifted. I’ve noticed visible improvement in just a short time. The texture of my skin is more firm, smooth, hydrated and bright. Everybody tells me I look years younger.”

Rebecca R., TX

Testimonials 1

My business partner and I work in real estate together and looking good is really important in this line of business. Every six weeks, we religiously place our order for Night Perfect Serum with Louisa because NOTHING works like this remarkable “Hollywood Beauty Secret”. It’s great to have a woman like Louisa out there finding these amazing products and offering them at a good price for us gals. I tell everyone about Louisa’s site. We LOVE it. Thanks so much Louisa! We look years younger thanks to you.

Kaye R., Age 55

“I am so loving the Red light therapy, the Skin Uplift Serum, the Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex and all the products I have purchased from you. My almost 62 year young face has passed for 45 twice in the past month!! I so admire you and all you do. You are truly an inspiration and I have seen such positive results from your products, especially the LED Red light system. I use it at night when I get in the bed, seems to relax me to be ready to sleep.”

Dianne, CA

“For the past few weeks I’ve been using Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Evenly Radiant Day Creme, Wrinkle Reduction, Ultimate Eye CremeSkin Uplift Serum and Lemon Shampoo. I’ve never seen such immediate results as I have with these products. To me they’re remarkable. Here’s what has been happening. Because of a number of bad reactions to skin care products in the past I decided to start slowly. The evening of the day my products arrived I applied Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex. The next morning I did a double take. My face had a sort of creamy/ rosy appearance and felt so moist. Being encouraged I tried the Ultimate Eye Creme the next evening and, once again was excited to see a difference the next morning. The circles under my eyes, which I’ve had ‘forever’, were less apparent and my eyelids were less droopy. So I added the Evenly Radiant Day Creme that morning and my whole face looked brighter. I never used sunscreen before because of all the chemicals most of them contain but I don’t think this one has anything in it that could be potentially harmful. It feels wonderful and makes my face look so bright and healthy. After a week or so I added the other products because my skin was loving them, and I was having no adverse reactions which for my sensitive skin was such a relief. To me it’s remarkable that someone my age (68) could look so much better! I need less makeup already, after just a few weeks of using all the above mentioned products. At this point my eyes have almost no circles under them, my face feels like silk, is moist, has a very pretty color and just looks better overall. Since these products are more affordable for me I plan to continue using them and believe over time the wrinkles and imperfections may diminish rather than get more noticeable. That’s something to look forward to! Thank you Louisa for finding products at an affordable price that WORK.”

Judy I. NY (Judy has ordered over 8 times!)

“I just want to tell you how much I love my red light therapy.  The lines around my mouth have softened considerably after only a few weeks of use, and they were deep lines.  It also makes my sore knee feel great. Great customer service on a product that actually delivers.  I am so glad I found you!”

Karen B., IL

“I recently had my second face lift surgery done by a prominent plastic surgeon in Marina del Rey.  My previous facelift was done about 17 years ago and the recovery process took a very long time. Louisa is my neighbor and I knew she was a beauty expert so I contacted her about four days after having my surgery. She recommended that I use the red light system twice a day  to speed heal and calm the swelling and bruising and to prevent any scar tissue. And  to my delight – the scars healed SOOOO quickly!! My recovery was a piece of cake – compared to my first facelift experience. Apparently the wavelengths go deeply into the skin creating rapid circulation so they help prevent scar tissue from forming from the INSIDE OUT!  WOW – I was utterly amazed with her DPL II red light!  I now  continue to use the red light every day so I will never have to have another facelift again. It’s been about four weeks and now using the two skin care products she recommended – the Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex in the morning and the Skin Uplift serum at night. The ingredients look amazing and her products are paraben and fragrance-free, which I like.  And her prices are amazingly affordable – given the high quality. Wish I talked to Louisa about all this stuff before I did my surgery – but nevertheless, now I have the winning anti-aging “recipe” so I will never need another face lift. Looking at Louisa’s skin when I bump into her in our hood, her skin looks so beautiful – she is living proof that her products work!!. And BTW –  my plastic surgeon was  also amazed at the speed in which my skin healed, he NOW recommends Louisa’s Red light to all his patients so they have a speedier recovery after surgery. So glad I contacted you. You’re a genius!

Lee E., CA

“I love Louisa because she really does her home work on new skin care ingredients and products. In fact years ago, she introduced me to peptides and LED Light therapy — long before doctors offered them. And when she introduced me to the Ultimate Age Proofing Complex Cream; it was instant love for me!

“Dear Louisa: I just love your products, and just want to say a big THANK YOU!” 

Judy I.,  MI

Hi Louisa!
“I just purchased the De Aging Solution a few days ago and in THREE days I see such a difference in my skin. My face seems tighter already and there definitely is a hydrating “glow”. My make up seems to go on flawlessly. I have such allergies, and it seems everything I use causes itching and red patches. This product is NO problem. I will let you know how it goes after more time has passed. I also have been using the LED and I see at least a 50% difference in my upper arm skin. I pop it onto my inner arms while watching TV~ it is so easy. The loose skin at the elbow bend used to be a little dimpled and loose…I am almost ready to go sleeveless again! Hmmm, I wonder if the De Aging Solution work in that area as well? They should sell it I VAT size.

Lisa C., CA

Hi Louisa. I’m 57 years old and for years I did not take care of my skin. I also had quite an issue with milia on my skin and began noticing other aging signs. First, I’d like to say that I have both your books where you mention exfoliating. .. I also LOVE the Skin Uplift Serum and Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex (UAPC). I alternate applying the Uplift Serum and Ultimate Age-proofing Complex in the morning with sun screen on top. Then, I apply the Skin Uplift Serum at night with Emu Oil on Top. My skin looks really great AND my issue with milia is gone! Thank you again, Louisa – I LOVE your products.”

Marybeth M., IL

“Thank you for being you. I am madly in love with every product I have purchased. Talk about instant gratification….Absolutely amazing products!”  Dorisanne uses Skin Uplift Serum, Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex, Eye Perfect,  DMAE Cleanser and Soothing Toner.

Dorisanne H., FL

“Hi Louisa: I LOOOOVE the LED machine and use it very often and I just purchased a week or so ago your Deep Penetrating LED Peptide Serum and your Skin Uplift Serum and love both of them. The LED Peptide Serum is giving a boost to the treatment already and I’m so pleased with that. The Uplift Serum is wonderful as well! …. Thanks again Louisa for all the wonderful service you provide to so many women

Juliette D., CA

“Hi Louisa: I wanted to let you know that as the years moved along, I noticed the laugh lines under my eyes were curving around and heading down into my cheeks. It is a common problem and I knew I needed some more volume, not just over the cheekbone but also down the outside towards the ears. I started adding a little extra Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex and before I knew it, the long laugh lines were gone. And I do mean GONE. What a relief. So thank you for this and all your marvelous products. The quality and the promise stated by each one of them really holds true. I recently had a young man at an electronics store shave 13 years off my age! Can’t beat that!! Blessings.”

Janecska L.

“Have you ever gotten a good gawk at yourself in an unfamiliar mirror under harsh bright lights? Did the realization set in that the lovely soft-focus image from your rearview mirror at dusk under incandescent streetlights might not be that realistic? Well, it happened to me and it was a harsh and brutal wake-up call. Apparently my eyes are riddled with creepy crow’s feet. I don’t know if it was the lack of sleep or the fact that I haven’t been using the right products, but something had to change.Thankfully, I was offered the opportunity to try Ultimate Age Proofing Complex and I’m astonished to have actually found a product I am not sure I can live without!! This is truly saying a lot. I’ve tried ridiculously expensive high-end products from the well-known to the more obscure brands. I’ve layered on serums, creams, gels and other ointments and nothing has really given me visible results like this. I was initially impressed with the list of ingredients. It’s packed with everything you want to see in a true anti-aging power house: Matrixyl 3000, Copper Tripeptide 1, epidermal growth factors (EGF), antioxidants, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid. I don’t know if it’s the EGF that’s making such a huge difference in the immediate visible results, but this product seems to plump up my skin from the inside out. It irons out the lines and wrinkles and crinkles and crepes, not by pulling and tightening like some other products do, but by drenching your skin in hydration. Is that the hyaluronic acid? I don’t think so. I’ve tried many products with hyaluronic acid and have always been rather underwhelmed. I also love that this cream is meant for your entire face, so you can go right under your eyes with it. I have been doing this religiously for the past month and have never had any reactions or irritation, and I haven’t had to use any other additional eye creams. I’ve also seen great results on the unfortunate neck waddle, and the poor neglected décolleté areas. It really is quite economical ..as I was also using it as an eye and neck cream.”

Jenny – Truth in Aging

“I am loving my red light system as well as all of the other products I purchased from you!”

Wanda T., Virginia

Testimonials 1

“I have always been into my skin. Thanks to my obsession, my skin has always been in good condition. However, hitting 30s gave my skin a new set of challenges. My skin has become susceptible to outside stresses and lacked the vitality it once had. Hint of wrinkles started showing up. Yikes! An extensive search for a new skin care ensued. That’s when I came across your skin care products. From the very first time I used the Night Perfect Serum, the improvement was noticeable – immediately – like the following morning, yes. That was 2006. The Night Serum  and UAPC (Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex) are Holy Grail status and I never want to be without these products. My skin is back to its pre-30s condition. No wrinkles. Very supple, smooth, and fine. Many, many thanks!! I highly recommend.”

Daisy DC.

“I began using lotion with EGF (Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex) about three or so months ago. I went to visit my sister yesterday and we were sitting on her deck outside. She said something to me that made my year: “Your skin looks the best I’ve ever seen it. It is so clear and smooth looking, and we are sitting outside in full sunlight!” For someone who has NEVER had nice skin, you can only imagine how uplifting and satisfying her comment was. A co-worker also commented on my skin, in passing, a few weeks ago. We see one another a few times a year. IT’S WORKING! I need a billboard to broadcast this!! Thanks!”

“Hi Louisa: I’ve used this product (Night Perfect) for years and I still love it. Nothing like this on the market. Thanks you!”

Janet G., Torrance, CA.

“Many people comment on how beautiful my skin looks. They want to know why, so I tell them I use your Red Light Therapy system and refer them to your website for skin care.”

Glynda-Lee H., CA

“Oh my goodness, I’ve been using the Red Light for only seven days and I LOVE it. My skin already looks more radiant, tighter and spots are fading away. And when I put my makeup on, it looks so much better. Even my husband said, “I don’t know what you’re doing – but your skin looks great!.” My daughter was away the past week. When she came home, she ALSO mentioned my beautiful complexion. I also love your Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex. Now I am going to order the vibration plate and more of your products. I trust you. I look so much better and I am so happy that I found you. Thank you Louisa!”


“Dear Louisa: Just a quick email to express my appreciation to you for making available such excellent skin care products at such reasonable prices! I am loving the Night Perfect Serum, the Eye Perfect Cream, and the De-Aging Solution Moisturizer! I have never experienced products like the Eye Perfect and De-Aging Solution that sink into the skin with just a pinkie finger application! No second or third applications of the product is necessary! May G-d bless you for all the skin care benefits you have conveyed to my life. Sincerely,”

Michal G., NY

“ Louisa: I want to thank you for introducing me to your miracle remedies! I had been looking for a remedy for my tired looking eyes (dark circles, puffy and lines). I had actually seen a doctor to consider some sort of filler for my dark circles and hollow looking under eye area. I was really obsessed and unhappy with how my eyes looked. I read your “Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue” book and took your recommendation to try one more thing before undergoing surgery. I couldn’t believe my eyes the next morning. I looked like a new woman, and I’m not kidding, circles 50% better, puffiness gone, even the skin looked tighter around the orbital eye area. I shared this with a close friend as she also noticed a difference and quickly ordered your book and the Eye Perfect. I went back to see the doctor recently and shared my excitement about what I discovered. I am truly happy with my eyes now. He said that was saying a lot, because I am so picky, but he admitted he could also see the difference. There will be no procedure now and after using the product for now 2 1/2 months, I am still amazed each day with how my eyes look now. It really took years off! I worked for Clinique Cosmetics for 10 years, and had a myriad of products always at hand to try and I have NEVER tried anything that made such an improvement so quickly or been so excited about. I can really hardly stop talking about it. Thanks Louisa for your book, or I would have never found this eye miracle in a bottle”

Tait, CA

“This product is great! As a woman who spent too much time in the sun, I have finally found something that is working against the fine lines and wrinkles around my eyes. The crow’s feet are softening and the area under my eyes is looking firmer. I plan to make this (Eye Perfect) a regular part of my routine from now on.”

Marlene H., CA

“I have tried everything from DIY to some of the most expensive skincare products. Nothing has ever given immediate results like the Night Perfect Serum. Literally overnight improvement. I also love my red light therapy system! Plus, speaking with you Louisa is like talking to a friend. I so appreciate how knowledgeable and personable you are. Thank you again!”

F.C., IN

“Louisa: I first heard about you on the radio and purchased your first book Hollywood Beauty Secrets: Remedies to the Rescue, years ago which I loved! I’m a new user of the products you recommend and have been using the Night Perfect Serum and Eye Perfect. I also just received my first order of the Night Perfect. I can honestly say I can see a difference in the fine lines on my face and also better hydration. My eyes were the biggest problem for me in dealing with the dark circles and puffiness. Both have diminished considerably after using the Eye Perfect. It’s not quite 100%, but certainly visibly improved! Thank you for products that work and offering them at an affordable price. It’s exciting to find skin care that give results. Finally…someone busting through all the hype out there! All The Best”

Janet G. 

“I spoke to you a couple of months ago right after my hysterectomy surgery and you gave me helpful advice and information. I love the products I purchased at that time. I then went back a couple of weeks after and stocked up on more De-Aging Solution and Night Perfect Serum. My sister loved the way I was looking so I gave her one of each. Her skin looks so much younger, and the age spots are going away. I also feel my skin so soft, it glows and the fine lines around my eyes are almost gone. I also own your LED  Red Light Therapy, which has saved me many times, specially after surgery. It helped me to heal much quicker, and the scar is not that noticeable. I love your products. Thank you so much!”

Yajayra B. CA

“I have been using the red light for a couple of months and am loving it! I do believe my fine lines have decreased in size and depth. My husband also uses the light, and I can see a difference in his skin tone and firmness. I am also really loving the Night Perfect Serum and the Emu Oil. The winter is very dry here in Texas, and I love wearing these products to keep the moisture in my skin. I even wear the Night Perfect Serum under my makeup during the day! (I will be ordering more. As I mentioned to you, I started a health and beauty blog for my friends and family a couple of months ago. I will definitely be mentioning your products and website in a future article!”

Marisa, TX

Testimonials 1