Anti-aging Red Light Therapy is Proven to Alleviate Arthritis Pain & Sore Joints

In addition to repairing damaged collagen to help smooth, repair and prevent wrinkles and fade age spots, did you know Red Light Therapy can also be used for calming painful, stiff and swollen joints associated with arthritis?

Over time, if arthritis is not addressed, joint and body stiffness becomes more apparent, resulting in excruciating pain.

Arthritis is a disease with no known cures. Icing the joints, vitamins and supplements such as hyaluronic acid, ginger and astaxanthin can help, but these are temporary fixes.

The good news is, the wavelengths provided by the combination of red infrared light therapy such as those offered in our FDA-Approved DPL II Red Light Therapy system, has been studied and proven effective for improving many types of of arthritis, including rheumatoid and osteoarthritis.

Red light therapy also improves weak joints. More and more sports injury doctors and pain clinics offer red light therapy. Pro athletes including golfers, skiers, gymnasts, football, basketball and baseball players turn to red light therapy to speed heal their injuries and sore joints.

Remarkably, red and infrared light therapy still isn’t yet well known to the general public as a proven treatment for calming arthritis pain and inflammation. I’ve been promoted it for over 16 years for wrinkle repair and prevention as well as for pain management J

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