How To Prevent Skin Cancer with Vitamin B3

HBS Skin News BeachI received a newsletter by Dr. Frank Shallenberger today and wanted to share this important information on how to prevent basal cell and squamous cell non-melanoma skin cancers. These are the two most common types of skin cancer. According to the doctor, scientists recently discovered that taking vitamin B3 improves the way skin cells repair damaged DNA. When you get a sun burn, damaged DNA can lead to skin cancer. But the good news is, over-the-counter vitamin B3 can help protect our DNA as well as protects our skin from extreme sun exposure.

When researchers gave mice Vitamin B3 prior to exposure to ultraviolet radiation, the vitamin B3 protected them from getting skin cancer. And in a human study, patients who had basal cell and squamous cell non-melanoma skin cancer were given a daily dose of 500 mg. vitamin B3 (aka nicotinamide or niacinamide). It reduced their cancers by 23%. Be sure to take Vitamin B3 every day – especially if you spend hours outdoors. And of course, apply a nanoparticle-free sun screen religiously. See two wonderful choices (15 SPF and 30 SPF) HERE. And find Vitamin B3 at any drug store or health food store.