Protection for Everyone – Safety in Seconds

Protection for Everyone – Safety in Seconds 1A good friend of mine, developed a personal security button called PersPros® that is literally saving lives and helping people stay safe wherever they go throughout the USA.

It’s a Personal Emergency Response System developed to protect everyone but is specifically designed for single females, college students, lone workers such a realtors, as well as  joggers, hikers, campers, travelers and the elderly.

Whether you’re at home, shopping, travelling, hiking in the mountains, going to and from school, walking to your car in a mall parking lot, or if you’re a realtor meeting a client alone in an empty property after hours, the PersPros® unique two-way voice button uses enhanced 4G LTE cellular communication and offers THE most accurate GPS chipset.

The PersPros® elite monitoring professionals connect and speak with you directly through the button in seconds flat and they stay with you until help arrives.

They can immediately dispatch police, fire or medical response to your exact location – when every minute really matters.

I am a friend of the the president of Perspros and he will personally take care of setting up your account.

Simply call 1-855-551-5678 and leave a message using code L-200, your name and phone number and you’ll get to get a call back from one of the owners (Bob or Bill) personally.

By using code number L-200, you will receive a special accessory discount.