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6 Tips for Gorgeous Hands During the Winter

Our hands are the most used and exposed parts of the body. Because they don’t have many oil glands, hands need extra attention, especially during the cool, harsh winter season. To prevent cracked fingers, dry cuticles, age spots or chapped hands, try the following easy tips to help beautify and hydrate them.

1. UVA/UVB rays can penetrate through our car windshields. This is why I wear cotton gloves when driving – all year round! Sun exposure dries our hands, ages them prematurely and causes sun spots. To prevent spots, purchase a few pairs of white cotton gloves at the drug store or check out thrift stores for great vintage gloves in all colors. Keep a pair of cotton gloves in your car and purse.

2. Exfoliating your hands. Three times a week – at night before bed, apply either an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) cream which helps to gently exfoliate chapped skin and fade spots. AHA’s such as our Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel (aka Overnight Peel) is pH balanced so it also helps to moisturize the skin. On the alternate evenings, apply whatever face product you use such as Ultimate Age-Proofing Complex or Skin Uplift Serum on hands too. The key ingredients in these products will plump, smooth, repair and help rejuvenate your hands.

3. Protect and moisturize hands while doing housework such as vacuuming, laundry and cleaning counters, bathrooms, etc. And always wear rubber gloves when washing produce and dishes. Before I put on my gloves, this is what I like to do;

First, liberally apply olive oil or coconut oil on hands and place cotton gloves on. Then, wear rubber gloves overtop. After your housework is done, your hands will be soft and hydrated.. Be sure to purchase rubber gloves that are a size bigger so you can accommodate cotton gloves underneath.

4. Before sitting down to indulge in a book or favorite TV show, plug in your DPL II red light therapy system. Red light therapy not only rejuvenates the skin, it fades spots and is also beneficial to those with arthritis and hand pain. The wavelengths help rejuvenate our skin and calm inflammation.

5. Once a week, place a bowl of milk in the microwave until warm. Place hands in the milk for 10 to 15 minutes. The lactic acid in milk exfoliate and smooth skin and the fat in milk softens skin and cuticles. After soaking, push cuticles back using your thumb nails.

6. Apply moisturizer after every hand washing. A great one – especially for winter is Skinlasting Super Hydrator. It comes in a big spray bottle (perfect for body hydration after showering), but I like to pour some into a small 1 oz. spray bottle and keep it in my purse for instant hand hydration. It’s loaded with hyaluronic and lactic acid and green tea for non-greasy moisture and keeps skin super hydrated.