Salicylic Acid, derived from the bark of the willow tree, is a remarkable multi-benefit beta-hydroxy acid. It is well known for being an anti-inflammatory with calming and soothing effects. It is also known for its gentle exfoliating properties. Salicylic Acid is an active component of aspirin and the key ingredient in many blemish-fighting skin care products. When applied topically, Salicylic Acid helps skin cells shed normally, therefore facilitating the removal of pore-clogging dirt, oil and debris.

Not only does this process help clear pores, minimize blemishes and prevent breakouts, it helps your skin care products to penetrate more effectively.  In addition, due to its anti-inflammatory properties, Salicylic Acid helps calm and soothe red, irritated skin. (Find this in Beyond Clean Cleanser)